Blockchain Solutions That Work

Businesses, institutions and even governments see the wisdom in using distributed ledgers, but only a handful of people in the world exist who can deliver a working strategy and technology stack for success. Over $500mm has been invested into blockchain related ledger projects in the last four years, but success has been elusive for large companies and startups. We can help.

New Alchemy is a leading boutique consulting and investment group with recognized experts and years of blockchain, cryptocurrency and commerce experience. Our team blends unparalleled blockchain skill with practical business know-how to give our clients leading products and services no one else can.

World Class Team

Managing Director Peter Vessenes is the co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, and launched the first VC-backed Bitcoin company in 2011. He holds a patent for deanonymizing Bitcoin, and was the first person to suggest mining pools, now an industry that exceeds $1bn in annual revenue. He has consulted for enterprises, Big 4 firms, governments and their agencies around the world about Blockchain.

Chief Strategist Jared Vogt is the co-founder and former CTO and Chairman of the Board at Avalara, providing tax automation for over 20,000 enterprises worldwide. Jared founded Trillium Lane, which participated in several technology start-ups in areas such as digital media production, audio software, and health care systems. He also co-founded MetaInfo, a Seattle-based software development firm that provided core networking functionality for Internet systems. MetaInfo employed some of the brightest minds in the world bringing Unix technologies to Windows platforms and was later purchased by Checkpoint.

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