Smart Contracts

You have a clear game plan but need assistance on implementation. New Alchemy knows how to execute on your dream, whether that includes an ICO, a set of interlocking smart contracts, online market creation or business-process reimagination, we can help.

Kickstarting with Equity · Innovating and Managing Risk

ICO Support

ICO’s (“Initial Coin Offerings”) are an exciting new business model - right at the bleeding edge of regulatory, technology and finance. That’s where we live.

New startups or projects use blockchain software to gain upfront funding through investment by interested persons. These initiatives massively engage participants and gain attention in a way never before seen. We can design, create and help you navigate the technology, social, game theoretic and financial decisions on the way to a successful ICO.

December 2016: Monolith Partnership

We’re pleased to announce our first public partnership: Monolith Ventures is working with New Alchemy to launch TokenCard – a debit card that allows customers to be their own bank through the power of the Ethereum Blockchain.

ICO Creation

Small to large projects, startups or multinational corporations, we’ll dream it up with you and build to your specifications. We will help you get answers to all of the following:

  • How To Approach the Market?
  • What Is Possible With Current and Future Technology?
  • How Do We Engage Enterprises and Consumers if We Need?
  • What Legal and Regulatory Issues Should We Consider?
  • How Quickly Can We Deploy?

And can provide the development and engineering services to fulfill the project that comes out of this process.

Audit Services

Already have smart contracts in place and need a third party audit for code functionality and security? We will scrutinize your program and give detailed feedback on efficiencies, threats, testing results and recommended action.

All ICOs need a formal audit document in order to successfully complete their fundraising process. Our Managing Director Peter Vessenes has audited some of the most successful smart contract software in the world, including the VDice/VSlice contracts and tokens, and MakerDAO’s entire phase 4 deployment.

Mr. Vessenes’ audit experience grew out of a series of blog posts and bug discovery and publications. He was thrust into prominence in the security arena after publishing the “Race to Empty” bug which was then used to exploit TheDAO in a globally publicized hack, siphoning off tens of millions of dollars in a few hours. TheDAO token holders were eventually made whole by the Ethereum Blockchain.

For more on security, you can read more at his blog.

Deployment and Management

After smart contracts are finalized, there’s deployment, management and proof you deployed the right contracts for the work. We will deploy, review, verify and offer ongoing management of your smart contracts.

Even experienced Ethereum teams often have trouble with this phase of work; deployment and verification can be challenging, especially on Ethereum VM-based blockchains with the massive profusion of Solidity compilers and verification options.

Community Relations

Communication can mean the success or failure of your project. For those needing to engage with participants and the general public, consider add-on services to boost project awareness and gain positive feedback. We’ll establish and manage subreddit groups, customer service support, chats and messaging, as well as handle professional public relations and white papers preparation.

Blockchain participants are a unique breed – they have distinct desires and messaging requirements, and strongly prefer direct, sometimes even hostile interactions to more ‘hands off’ approaches. This new milieu can be extraordinarily powerful, but may not respond well to traditional messaging and branding programs. We can help your professionals navigate these waters.

Soup To Nuts: Full Spectrum

We often help from start to finish – beginning with a short conversation and ending with a full business, operations people, technology and regulatory framework.

Some of these projects end up being funded out of our investment arm as well – please contact us if you’d like to learn more at [email protected].


Contact us at [email protected] to begin a project.