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Blind Leading The Blind?

I have definitely talked with customers who seem to think Blockchain is a sort of storage appliance.
- (Name Withheld), Fortune 10 Technologist

Blockchain technology is new and complex, and impacts almost every bit of a business. If you or your team finds the impacts, possibilities or implementation plan hard to understand, we can help. We match the business experience with real Blockchain experience.

Have a great new idea for a blockchain business or project?

We can take your project from concept to reality, including technology, incorporation, team formation and social consulting around how consumers will react to your project.

Tasked with launching a blockchain initiative at your bank or enterprise?

We can work with your team to create a structured approach for small and large initiatives with a focus on deliverable results and IP generation. After, we can deliver any technology that internal teams don’t wish to create, allowing the team to focus on areas of expertise.

Want to crowdfund a startup with digital currency, or launch an ICO?

We can help, even if you just have an idea. Often New Alchemy will engage at the earliest planning phases and bring a customer through to completion of a project, all the way to an ICO. Our most recent customer, Monolith Studios is about to launch an ICO in January for their super cool TokenCard project! Read more about it at

Start Early and Grow

Have our consulting team enter early to map out your core concepts into a functional blockchain enterprise, from idea to architecture and even project management, if needed.

We’ll pair our specialized technology development experts with your industry gurus to take your blockchain project to the next level.

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